Blue Devils News · Spring Senior Spotlight – Brennan Heavilin

Tallmadge Athletics will be running a Senior Spotlight series on our spring senior athletes to honor their dedication and commitment to Tallmadge High School and its athletic programs. Today, we recognize Brennan Heavilin who is a member of our track team!

1.) Track & Field Events:  Shotput, 100m, 400m

2.) Favorite subject in school:  History

3.) Person that has had the biggest impact on me:  My teammate Isaiah Johnson. He has always pushed me to be the best athlete I can be.

4.) Favorite restaurant:  Swensons

5.) If I could have lunch with one person it would be:  Lebron James because he is such an inspiration to me.

6.) Favorite musician:  Twenty One Pilots

7.) Favorite book:  Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson

8.) Quote to live by:  “You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

9.) Advice I have for underclassmen:  Don’t give up on what you want to achieve and never let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve it.

10.) Best high school memory competing in track & field:  I was competing in the 400m and I was halfway through and I could hear everyone on the other side of the track cheering for me.

11.) My plans after high school:  I plan to attend the University of Akron for physical therapy.

Thank you Brennan for the time and energy that you devote as a student-athlete to Tallmadge High School and its great community!  Your involvement is one of the many factors that make Tallmadge something great to be a part of!

Go Blue Devils!