Key Dates, Pre-Participation Requirements, Eligibility, & Participation Fees

2020-21 Key Dates (All dates tentative due to COVID-19)

HS/MS OHSAA Preseason Athlete/Parent Meeting                        High School Team Pictures

July 30th – Fall meeting  @ 6:30 (virtual)                                           September 3rd – Fall pictures

November 12th – Winter meeting @ 6:30 (virtual)                           November 21st – Winter pictures

February 15th – Spring meeting @ 6:30 (virtual)                               March 12th – Spring pictures


High School Sports Recognition Nights

November 17th – Fall recognition @ 6:30 (virtual)

Winter recognition – Head coach will communicate team-specific info

June 1st – Spring recognition @ 6:30 (potentially virtual)


Pre-Participation Requirements

Athletes/parents must have ALL THREE of the following completed and on file in the athletic office prior to the official start date of their season:

  • OHSAA Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (linked below)
  • Student Demographics & Emergency Medical Authorization (completed via OneView….linked below)
  • Athletics Form (completed via OneView…..linked below)

OHSAA Pre-Participation Physical Exam form

OneView Parent Portal

If all three are not on file then the athlete is not permitted to starting practicing until they have been submitted.


Eligibility Requirements

1.) Academic Eligibility

  • Per OHSAA:  Academic eligibility is based on the previous 9 weeks grades (provision does not apply to incoming 7th graders during 1st grading period); High school students must receive credit in a minimum of 5 one-credit courses (or the equivalent) and middle school students must receive credit in a minimum of 5 courses (or the equivalent) in the immediately preceding grading period (this includes incoming freshmen students).  WHENEVER CHANGING A SCHEDULE/DROPPING A CLASS ASK YOUR GUIDANCE COUNSELOR HOW IT WILL AFFECT YOUR ELIGIBILITY!  You are ineligible if you: a.) have been enrolled in middle school (7th-8th grades) for more than four semesters;  b.) have been enrolled in high school for more than eight semesters;  c.) once you turn 20 years old while enrolled in high school.
  • Per Tallmadge Board policy:  Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 1.25 and cannot receive 2 F’s in a grading period or semester.

2.) Transfer Eligibility

  • Once eligibility has been established at a member high school, a transfer to a different high school may mean that you will lose eligibility for interscholastic athletics for a period of time at your new school. If you have transferred to Tallmadge recently then you need to discuss your eligibility immediately with the Athletic Director if you have not already done so. The Transfer Bylaw has many exceptions that can apply to it. Click on OHSAA Transfer Bylaw Resource Center to view the various exceptions that could apply.

3.) Sport-Specific Eligibility

  • Per OHSAA:  You are ineligible if you: a.) are a member of a school team and compete on a non-school team in the same sport during your school team’s season;  b.) violate the restrictions in place on tryouts, practices, & competitions with non-school sport teams and/or violate the restrictions in place regarding individualized coaching from your school coaches in individual or team sports.


Athletic Participation Fee

High School:  $75 per sport     $100 individual cap     $250 family cap (if all athletes are in high school OR athletes are in high school and middle school)

Middle School:  $40 per sport     $80 individual/family cap (if all athletes are in middle school)

  • Fees are non-refundable (i.e., academically ineligible, suspended or removed from team for disciplinary reasons, students who quit for any reason after the season begins).
  • Athletic fees are assigned to your student-athlete’s school account and are payable online via EZPay (click to access).
  • Coaches are not permitted to collect fees from athletes or parents.